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The Value of an AmeriPlan Membership

AmeriPlan Value

An AmeriPlan membership saves you time and money with access to affordable healthcare products and services, including dental, prescription drugs, chiropractic, eye care, hearing, laboratory services and more. Read more »

AmeriPlan Prescription Program

Prescription Program Savings

The AmeriPlan Discount Card helps its members reduce their prescription drug cost with significant discounts on retail prescription prices.

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The discount card is accepted at a wide variety of retail pharmacies across the country, carry no restrictions for eligibility and deliver significant savings compared to retail prices. Read more »

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Customer Testimonial

I wanted to write and tell you about the wonderful experience I had using AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus. This was my first opportunity to use it. I needed some lab work done and called the number for a lab provider. They transferred me to a DirectLabs-AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus where I was fortunate to talk to a rep named Chris Nall. He explained the process to me in detail. I told him all the tests I needed and he gave me the prices for each one. Without AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus I would have paid $547, with it I only paid $132, a savings of $415!! Not only that but he faxed over all information to the lab, gave me instructions to fast and provided me with a location only a few miles from my house. The whole process went very smoothly. My belief in this product has soared.

Amber M. – Plano, TX
Customer Testimonial

My wife was admitted to the hospital for sixteen days. By the time she was discharged she had incurred over $33,000 in bills from six different medical providers. Still unable to return to her job as a dance instructor, she had no way of paying any of the medical providers she was receiving bills from. Point Health was able to help her apply for an assistance program that covered the entire $27,000 hospital bill. Point Health then contacted the other medical providers that were involved. Several of the other providers agreed to write off the bills entirely. When Point Health was done the total outstanding charges were less than $2,300. My wife was set up on a long-term payment plan on the remaining balance. Total saving - over $30,000.

Robert H. – Houston, TX
Customer Testimonial

I think TeleHealth is a wonderful service! I’ve had insurance all of my life up until just recently, and I no longer have a primary care physician. I think that more people should know about you guys and be aware that there is an alternative for those of us who would not otherwise be able to seek treatment.

Susan T. – Dallas, TX

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